Take a long wet look at these 6 food items that will make you go “OH MY WOW!”

Oh yum yum and wow! Look at these delicious items we’re all just slobbering underneath, here at the office! These are the edible items that will make your tongue go, “Oh no I couldn’t surpass the YES of this!”

– – – – – – – –


Oh wow oh no! Look at you drool! Food is just not supposed to be this fuck-worthy. When we gazed upon this heck of a patty we couldn’t help but toot and shout “What the HECK!” before wetting ourselves with hunger.

– – – – – – –


Holy yumma yumma ouch! Look at you cum! Look at you piss! Who could blame ya? Especially after feasting your melted eyes at the undulating stomach beauty of these dazzling perverted noodles. I love-a the food-a! Wow wow wow wow unfffffffffffffff

– – – – – – –


The first time I came into contact with an item this level of WOW, I was 19 years old and had never seen a person naked, not even myself. My alopecia was in full swing and my life was pretty much not very wow. To celebrate my lack of hair, my foster father bought me this coned item and I never looked back. He made me mop up my cum and my piss but it was all worth it for the sheer OH MY GOD and UNFFFFF and YUMMA YUMMA OUCH of it all! I’ve still never seen a person naked.

– – – – – – –


OH FUCK I’VE CUM AND I’VE PISSED AND THEY FLOW LIKE WOW!!!!!! My cum is wet and thick because oh my WOOF just look at this item. It’s too much. I must look away. Alright. There. My hunger is subsiding…. Maybe a quick peak? OH HUMP MY THROAT-PUSSY WITH YOUR STARCH LUMPS, FATHER!!!!

– – – – – – – –


Food. A mandatory element for survival. Our flesh prisons cannot function without the constant consumption of some form of sustenance. We cannot stagnate, we cannot falter, for should we cease to eat, we cease to live. Thus is the cyclical curse of every living organism.

– – – – – – – –


I am at once horny with hunger and melancholy as this is the final gorgeous photograph of the sensual food that makes my body go wow. This item in particular is like whoa. I mean just unfff and fap fap fap fap fap. This is the true yummy oh my god of all the foods that make me go retarded with appetite. It is as if I am only stomach and there is no world beyond myself and this egg that I named Stacey. Wow. And oh my unfffff, I drool and I defecate over these items.


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