I’m drunk. This is an inebriated post. I’m making myself a promise that I won’t change anything on this post from after I’m done with it now and I;m drunk.

Being drunk allows one to be as honest as possible without caring about the consequences.

Here comes the honesty:

I don’t care about your outfit or my outfit or anyone’s outfit

Fat people are almost always the best people

I have all the same clothes from when I was 14

Depression is often a self-indulgent state of mind I enjoy sinking into

I just took a five minute break from this post to blow my nose

Nobody needs lady gaga

I shave my nipples

Gay people hate each other

I like putting my eyes sockets on knee caps

Ghetto black people are funny (unfortunately not on purpose)

Therapy is rape

My mom and I often laugh together while uttering the word “doody”

Labyrinth is the best movie ever made (you don’t have to be drunk to see that)

His name is Babbo and he can make gems out of other gems.


One Comment on “Dwunk”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are my favorite and you give me the nice giggles! Love, Jackie Boooooops.

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