Women Getting Angry at Scales


"You mean... the all-lard diet DOESN'T work?"



Hold it higher, please. Now jiggle your arm a little. Goooood. We'll sell a ton of this slim fast shit.



"Grrrrrrr I'm not even fat!"



"How long do I need to squat with this hammer, I'm hungry"



"Damn it! I'm still nine pounds away from Avril Lavigne's weight"



"You left the toilet seat up and never wash the dishes and I'm on my period and I hate your mother-in-law and there isn't any yogurt left and I'm every woman, It's all in me"



"You were right Jack Nicholson. I can't handle the truth."



"I hate my pigtails!"



"What did you say about my sister?!"



Wamp Wamp. It's so tough being young and hot.



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